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How to Buy Golf Trousers

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How to Buy Golf Trousers

Buying golf trousers can be quite difficult when youíre confronted with everything thatís on the market as it ranges from high to low price points as well as high to low quality and performance and everything in between. Golf is one of the very few sports that has a strict dress code (depending on where you play) that must be adhered to, otherwise you canít play. So here are a few tips to help you purchase the right golf trousers for you.


  • Cotton- available in prints or solid colour, cotton golf trousers are the classic look. They are breathable, and maybe combined with elastic or spandex for stretch.
  • Linen- ideal for summer, linen trousers are usually available in neutral colours. A breathable fabric, it does wrinkle very easily. 
  • Wool- ideal for cool or colder weather, they are usually available in a plaid print and often require dry cleaning. 
  • Polyester- a breathable fabric, it is available in a variety of colours and designs. It is washable and doesnít wrinkle easily.

To look smart, golf trousers must fit well. They must fit at the waist and end at the top of the golferís shoe. This will prevent the trousers from falling slightly and create an unsightly bunching at the ankle. Whether you opt for plain, pattern, bright or neutral is up to your personal preference and the occasion that might be golfing. For instance, a more neutral palette might suite a business golfing trip and a stag do might call for something a bit more lively. It is advisable to wear the same colour belt as your trousers as this looks smarter and doesnít draw attention to your waistline.


Golf pants shouldnít restrict movement or have so much fabric that it obstructs movement either. They should have stretch to them that allow for bending at the waist and knee. They should keep you warm and dry by being water and wind resistant, but are breathable too so you donít get too hot. They should have closable pockets, either by a zip or a magnet that ensure nothing essential falls out, like golf tees for instance. You can also buy fully waterproof trousers that are designed for rainy days and are ideal for keeping in your golf bag or caddy just in case.


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