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All golfers, no matter how keen, need to use the right equipment for their body weight and type (wherever in the world they are playing), as well as their physical condition, and it can be a real challenge to find a golf club that fits your needs right away. However, there are more than enough manufacturers around that, for instance will build a special club for women (with a softer shaft), and they can alter size and weight specific to a male or female golfer's body weight or comfort requirements, so don't panic! That's the first rule when looking to buy clubs, there's something for everyone!

Still, here are some factors every dedicated golfer should consider when buying – we advise going out and actually taking time to test the clubs wherever possible, or seeking detailed support from any online retailers.

Firstly, we need you to examine the grip thickness (tips for the grip); again take some time out to really analyse how you play (after reading this); you need to have a look at the grip on the clubs you are already used to. Grips that are too thin inevitably lead to lots of hand action in your swing and that can become problematic later on in your game.

Meanwhile, grips that are far too chunky can quite easily obstruct your hands too much. As a player, you should allow the ring and middle fingers on your left hand to hardly make contact with the pad of your thumb when you hold the club (it can be awkward though, we know). If your fingers don’t come into contact with your thumb, the grip is too big, and likewise, if your fingers dig into the pad, the grip is way too thin, and it will become clear after buying this type that you won't be able to get the best out of it.

Next up (and perhaps most obviously), you need to examine the shaft,  Like we've said before, it's essential that you consider your height, build, and strength honestly (get someone else to help you if you're struggling) when you choose a club. If you’re very tall for example, you need a longer, and probably stiffer shaft to get full enjoyment when playing.

The following tip is interesting, and you can have some fun researching this one! When testing clubs (before buying), you need to examine the sound of your swing! Bare with us here; if, when you take a swing, it makes a loud (and satisfying) swooshing sound like a tennis racket, and the shaft bends slightly (like a fishing rod or something of that nature), then you will need a really strong shaft. Likewise, if your swing makes next to no sound and you have a straight swing where the shaft doesn't bend in the slightest, then it's clear that you need a regular shaft to work with. Anybody that finds themselves in-between those two extremes really needs to find a medium-stiff, to stiff shaft (remember to ask for help if you get stuck, it'll be worth it). One of our last big tips here is to look at the loft (and you made need to seek further advise from other avid golfers for this), if you slice in play then you can get clubs with less loft, or maybe even offset heads, to help make light of what is quite a common issue for many players.

Following on, we have the clubhead to address! If you take time to shop around today, you can get very decent standard, midsized, or oversize heads on your clubs. It's key to understand that bigger clubheads are more forgiving and many enthusiasts that we have spoken to say that choosing the right one can help psychologically, too – the bigger the clubhead (arguably) the more confidence you'll have when going for the ball, after all! Right?

Finally though, there's the iron to consider and this is going to be central to your success when it comes to game time, so really consider this when out purchasing, or looking at the links we have provided. We're not saying that it's always easy to predict how you perform, but muscle-backed irons are usually for the more experienced of players who hit the ball on the clubface precisely most of the time. Meanwhile, cavity-backed irons are for players who hit the ball from various points on the clubface. So, that's it for now! We hope that you find these tips on what to look out for when you are buying useful! And, of course we hope that you enjoy your next game.


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