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Golf Style for Your Vacation

Wherever youíre headed for your golfing holiday then make sure you look sharp and course worthy. Just like you might want new swimwear, youíll want to invest in new golf wear too.

The Golf Shirt 

Your golf shirt should have short sleeves that are above your elbow. Depending on the fit, you can go as short as you think looks smart and allows you to move freely, but if you canít see your elbows then the sleeves are too long. Your shirt shouldnít be too baggy, as while you think it might make you look slimmer, it actually does the opposite, as well as making you look like you belong in the nineties. If youíre going to wear a crewe neck sweater over the top, then leave your collar inside for a smart look. 


First of all, make sure you have one. Tucking your shirt in means that your belt loops will be exposed, and without a belt it will not only look odd, but also scruffy. Match your belt to your shirt by either using the same colour or a contrasting one to make it stand out. A sharp contrast will draw the eye, so if you have a bigger waistline you may want to opt for a similar colour to your shirt or trousers.


Your trousers should just touch the tops of your shoes, as your trousers may drop slightly as the round goes on. If they are any lower then you will have unsightly bunching of material around your ankles. Donít go for pleats as they add unnecessary fabric and make you appear larger than you are.


Specialist golf shoes are the obvious choice for serious golfers as they are specially designed for the purpose. They should keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable as well as having traction for slippy grass and looking smart.

Pattern and Colour

The general rule concerning pattern and colour is to pair them with a black or white tone. For instance, if you were to wear a brightly coloured golf shirt, then you would go for a white trouser, and if you wanted to wear a pattern trouser then you would go for a plain top. However, if neither colour nor pattern are particularly loud or striking, then it would be acceptable to wear pattern on both top and bottom if it was separated by a plain belt.



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