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High Performance Sportswear

Like all sportswear, clothing designed for golf takes into account the needs of the golf player. A golf player needs room for movement, protection from the elements, and breathability from their clothes and comfort and traction from their shoes. As well as this, golfers have the added concern of looking smart on the green too.

Specially Designed Golf Wear

As an outdoor sport, golf is subject to the elements, and so a certain company, named Galvin Green has utilised technology as well as creating some of their own so that you need never complain about the weather ever again. Their multi-layer concept means that with a base layer, a warm or cool layer and an outer layer you can be prepared for ever type of weather going.

Cold and Rainy

For a wet and cold day, Galvin Green recommends that you start with their ‘Skintight compression’ technology base layer that can keep you warm at temperatures below 10 degrees. It is highly breathable that keeps moisture away from the skin and increases blood flow. Then, wear ‘Insula’, a layer designed to keep you warm and comfortable; it is soft and stretchy, allowing for maximum freedom of movement. For the outer layer, Gore-Tex will keep you dry whilst also being breathable.

Cold and Windy

For a cold and windy day, Galvin Green recommends ‘Windstopper’ technology for the outer layer to protect against wind chill. This material is breathable, allowing moisture to evaporate but doesn’t let any moisture in, and regulates your temperature to keep it at an optimum performance level. The mid and base layers are the same as for a cold and rainy day as they are the ones that keep you warm.

Cold and Sunny

For a cold and sunny day, there may be times when it is warmer and when it goes cold again. For this situation, Galvin Green recommend using ‘Skintight compression’ technology  as a base layer that will keep you warm and dry and increases blood flow to muscles, and a short sleeved ‘Ventil8’ garment as a mid layer to keep you dry and cool by dispersing perspiration and moisture over a large area so it evaporates more easily. They also prevent bad odours and allow for freedom of movement.  As an outer layer, you could use something from the ‘Insula’ range to keep you warm if it is needed.

Warm and Sunny

On a hot summer’s day, you need to be cool and dry, which is why Galvin Green recommend the ‘Ventil8’ range and the ‘Skintight Fresh’ range, which is a base layer designed for hot weather with anti-bacterial properties that keep them fresher for longer.

Warm and Rainy

Galvin Green recommends wearing the ‘Skintight Fresh’ base layer, with a ‘Ventil8’ garment as a mid layer, and Gore-Tex as an outer layer. All this will keep you cool, but dry, which is exactly what you need.


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